Lucien Neal #StandWithGavin Composer
Meet Lucien Neal. Here he talks about the three original pieces he composed for the #StandWithGavin Project. What isn't stated, is that he asked to be compensated $20... to buy his sister a "You're Finally You!" gift for her name change day next week. We doubled that... and he bought himself a new pair of glasses! Lucien is an inspiration as a musician and human being. We are so thankful to you Lucien! As you listen to him, you can hear his first piece "Fight for Your Rights" playing.

Changing hearts and minds takes time. It takes stories. It takes love, compassion, thoughtfulness and persistence. Today we recommit to putting all of those things into this fight-- for Gavin, for Ellie and for all families and children like ours.

This morning's decision by the Supreme Court  felt like a physical blow. It hurt like one. But as parents do, we must rise up from heavy blows to our families and children and become stronger. We will continue to fight for what... for the basic rights of our children to exist and live safely and freely in schools and public life.

That is what Gavin Grimm's case is all about. Exisisting safely in public space. Don't we all want that for ourselves and our children?

We have and will continue to #StandWithGavin and the many families who live in states where this ruling is especially damaging. Families, trans students and trans people, are not alone in this. Title IX and the Constitution still stand as do millions of allies, churches, schools and institutions willing to defend rights. In comments are links to statements and actionable items from major organizations.

All of use are not going anywhere... in fact we are only getting stronger. We are not done.

Gavin, Ellie and thousands of families like ours need allies in all corners of this country right now. In this email, please find links to some great organizations leading actionable steps at state levels.

In the last two weeks so many things have happened that encourage us to move forward. All of you signed up to learn more. We met and spoke with Congressman Elijah Cummings who, with tears in all our eyes, gave us advice to keep fighting. My sister's family marched in Boston to Stand with Trans Kids. The Neal Family ( pictured) solidified my love for them as a whole with important pieces of advocacy and beautiful, original compositions of music.

From our family to yours, thank you.
-JR and Vanessa

One of the most important ways to support trans kids and people, is to understand what it means to be transgender. Rebecca Kling at the National Center for Transgender Equality put together this video. Please watch and share within your networks, especially with people who have questions. You can find the video here.

Over 30,000 people took part in the Amicus Briefs supporting Gavin. They are easy reading ( once you skip the legal stuff on the first pages!) and give so much hope. They are from educators, religious groups, transgender students, community organizations and medical communities. If you need to feel hope, please read them! You can choose by group, or read them all. You will find them, and a lot of other information about the Gavin Grimm case here.

They are also mobilizing people for the myriad of other atrocious acts coming out of this administration. Their "people power" tool is a great way to find out what's happening near you.

Since the start of the year, there have been  already 7 murders of transgender people. 6 are transgender women of color. This epidemic continues year to year and often the media doesn't report on these, or misgenders ( uses an old name or wrong gender) those who died so we find out too late. One of the most effective ways to support trans people of color is with our money. Specifically, one of the best things you can do as an ally is supporting organizations and businesses that are led by trans people of color. Every amount helps with their amazing work.

Please consider supporting these organizations:
The Trans Women of Color Collective
Trans Tech Social
YouthBreakOUT in NOLA
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